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Power of WordPress!

September 05, 06 by Bharani

WordPress did the right thing. It Provided an easy-to-use, extensible and modular platform and stepped back. The developers all over the world are running the show through plug-ins, themes, widgets etc., This same phenomenon (strong community) happened with open source IDE called Eclipse. Enabling a strong sense of community and extending the community base fast is the key for a successful open-source project.

I have been experimenting with all the plug-ins that are available for wordpress. I have currently implemented a few (Blogstats; Theme chooser, User rating for the post and few more running in the background like “Live”). I have tried my best to place the elements at appropriate position.

I am quite impressed with User-rating and Theme-chooser. Both of them push the consumer-generated media one step further by combining the blogs with reader-customization. Now readers can decide what theme they want…not the blog author! Check out the Theme chooser on the left-hand side… Now readers can immediately rate the blog post (Check out by moving the mouse over the stars on the top…Once a vote for the post from a PC is registered no further voting is possible.)…The “Recent comments” enables visibility for reader contribution…

I have tried to position the “Search box” at a very prominent and visible position at the top right corner.

Tons of interesting themes and plugins to explore…I have all the nights in the world for this ๐Ÿ™‚

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