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Top 5 priorities of online shopper as per Amazon

September 08, 12 by Bharani

For a company that is more than decade old, Amazon is still on a trail-blazing mode. It is one company that is rivalling with Google, Apple, Facebook on pure technical prowess alone! I read on a blog about what Amazon thinks as the top 5 priorities of the online shopper. The top 5 priorities are:

1. Selection: Pretty basic right? If you don’t have the product, customer cannot buy. So, it’s absolutely important the product is made available and found by the customer.

2. Price: Most Customers would love to save money. They hunt for best prices. So, give the customers a best price.

3. Delivery: This one’s interesting. There is actually big difference between having the product right away, by the end of the day, tomorrow, in a week’s time, or in a fortnight and later. Instant gratification always wins hands down. So, the faster the delivery, the happier the customer.

4. Convenience: Make the whole shopping experience seamless and convenient. The process of finding,buying, checking out, payment options, delivery options, return policies everything should be absolutely frictionless. Easier said than done. If the decade old, online retail giant Amazon is still improving, let’s not even discuss about the Indian counter parts now!

5. Information: Well, I am not sure if Amazon intentionally placed this at the bottom of the list. But, a 360 degree information about the product is very important to convince a customer to buy. Any doubts in a customer’s mind, you lose a sale! Provide clear product images, accurate product specifications, unbiased-detailed customer reviews and ratings, pricing information, variations available, etc., should be made available to the customer in a clear way!

Flipkart is pretty close to imbibing these philosophies when it comes to Online shopping in India. But there is a really long way to go..!

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