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iPhone vs N-Pod!

December 04, 06 by Bharani

Apple iPhones vs Nokia N-series

One a trendsetter in music. The other a trendsetter in mobile phones. As soon as the magic word of convergence caught up with the industry, Nokia decided to integrate high-quality music capability to mobile sets. Nokia n-series is a fantastic testament to the sound quality that Nokia can conjure up. ‘Arguably’, the sound quality is as good as that of Apple iPod.

Reacting to the industry trend, Apple decided to add mobile capability to iPod and promptly kicked off ‘iPod cell phone initiative’. It is addressed as Apple iPhone. In fact, there are messages floating around in the net about the two versions of iPhone about to be released.

However, I am wondering about the core capabilities here. Will Apple measure up to Nokia’s mobile capabilities as much as Nokia measured up to Apple’s audio capabilities? My gut feeling says ‘No’….Will watch it over anyway!

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