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Facebook Messaging System

November 16, 10 by Bharani

Facebook announced about their new messaging system at web 2.0 2010 Expo opening day. Though it is difficult to grasp the offering until you see it in play, the following video will help to get some clarity on the offering.

Few Highlights:

1. Every user has preferred mode of communication. You have better chances of conversing with someone if you reach them through text message, some through chat/IM, most through email and few through social networks and some more channels. You cant have a lookup table to figure out the best mode of communication to each of your friend. What if a system can take care of that for you? Facebook messaging system promises to take care of that…!

2. Social Inbox is a feature that allows only the emails from your friends and colleagues to reach you and keeps away every other email from your inbox. Sure, this feature can be achieved through some smart filters and cool plugins that sit on top of existing email systems. But Facebook knows your social connections and it can offer you the ‘social inbox’ feature easily. The other nifty feature is the ability to block unwarranted emails. If by chance a false email gets through to your social inbox, you can just block the email. What happens next is interesting. Once blocked, the emails are bounced back..It doesn’t go and sit in your spam box!

3. By now we are familiar with grouping the emails based on Email subject lines. Another cool way of organizing would be to group the messages based on people. Yes all messages from your friends will be grouped under their name. Though it sounds interesting, I am not sure if can handle tens of thousands of emails grouped under same name!

The other features are “Conversation history” where your entire conversations are backed up! This is nothing new though.

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