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My Precious

December 23, 04 by Bharani

iRiver H320

Yesterday I finally got my hands on the product that I was longing for. Purchased iRiver H320 through a friend from America. It’s an amazing product filled with loads of features.

When I opened the pack, I was surprised by the size of the product. I had imagined that it would be bigger than iPOD. But infact it was much smaller than iPOD, except for thickness.

The things I like with this product:

1. EXCELLENT screen. LCD. First ever Mp3 player to boast 260,000 colors screen. Very bright, sharp and crisp.

2. EXCELLENT sound. SRS WOW effect. 10 Presets. Generous 20Mw output, which means you rarely go beyond the level 15 (max 33)

3. Ability to view Pictures. Automatically resized the image to fit on the screen. But I would have loved to see the slideshow feature. They have promised this feature in next firmware upgrade.

4. PLUG-N-PLAY. No drivers needed. PC recognizes this as yet another USB Mass storage.

5. PROFESSIONAL QUALITY RECORDER. The Voice recorder is on par with some of the professional top-of-the-line dedicated voice recorders. Automatic encoding to Mp3 files. The bitrate etc., can be configured.

6. VERSATILE OPTIONS. Plays MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG. WMA files occupy only half the space of MP3 for same quality. So you can literally double the number of songs that can be squeezed in the player.
7. Support WINAMP playlists. I use WINAMP. You can create playlists and store it in the player. Maximum of 200 playlists supported.

8. On the fly delete. Files can be deleted on the fly.

9. VIDEO PLAYER. Yes, with the latest firmware upgrade, this player plays the video files. But the video file has to be specifically converted, which is a easy step though. The quality of video viewing is excellent. Santa’s gift for iRiver users!

10. USB ON THE GO: No need of PC. Just plug your digital cameras or other Mp3 players and download/upload files. Unfortunately since mine was an international version, this feature is not there. But I flashed the player with firmware meant for Korean models, so USB on the GO feature is available on my product now. But I should wait till i get my hands to the “Cable” for connection.

11. TEXT VIEWER: With it’s crisp screen, text files are pleasure to read. You can download novels/todo lists/memos/song lyrics etc., and read it while listening to music. Cool!

12. 16 hours battery life!. That’s long.

Some minor features:

1. FM tuner: Good quality. Some people even say this sounds better than many car stereos.

2. USB charging. Player can be charged through USB 2.0 data cable.

The price of the product in Belgium is 440 Euros (Including tax). Since I bought it from bestbuy through my friend from USA, i effectively paid 276$ (approx. 220 Euros). Half the price. Excellent deal that I have made in my life so far! Very happy with this product.

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