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Idea Arbitrage 2.0!

August 30, 06 by Bharani

I wanted to dig out a nice blog which talks about new internet-based businesses that are sprouting throughout the world everyday. I am glad I did not have to spend much time…as there are two prominent blogs already addressing this need . TechCrunch, the pioneer in this area and WebYantra, a result of an “idea arbitrage”. For next few days, I am going to catch up with these 2 blogs.

“…TechCrunch, is a weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies. In addition to new companies, we will profile existing companies that are making an impact on the new web space…”

“…WebYantra is a tech blog that profiles Indian web products and services. It is ‘ground zero’ for Indian web startups, ecommerce websites and internet based businesses……

Webyantra will encompass all the Web2.0 jazz that you lust for – socialweb, mashups, aggregators, filters, RSS, web communities, user generated content et al…It is also about current technology trends like the mobile web, mobile communities, VOIP, SAAS, agile web development, AJAX, et al…Not to leave about pre Web 2.0 stuff like internet search technologies, online payment systems, contextual internet advertising, web services, web browsers etc., etc.,…with an Indian Flavour

The post published by JonathanBoutelle on Webyantra was very insightful. Some snippets from his blog:

“…Many of the Indian Startup companies are simply based on idea arbitrage..”

“…Most Indian tech bloggers seem to be suffering from a Silicon Valley fixation. Check out and you’ll find full of google, yahoo, flickr, youtube etc.,…”

“…But then where is the attempt to initiate a dialogue to improve Indian web products? I am yet to find a single Indian forum that addresses this malaise…”

The “Idea Arbitrage” is a very easy way out to rapidly ramp up a web 2.0 company! Just keep watching the silicon valley and customize it to India. The talent lies in identifying the matching pairs! 

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