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Year 2006 – A reflection

December 31, 06 by Bharani

I have transformed into one of the laziest bloggers around. This was least expected considering the fact that I bought my own domain name and web-space in the hopes of contributing regularly! Anyway, new year is the ‘logical point’ to turn such bad things around! I hope I can do justice to my investment, to my hobby…So let me use the opportunity to summarize things to break the ice. [BTW, this happens to be the 50th post in my new space :)]

Year 2006:

* Successful completion of PGP from Indian School of Business.
* Beginning my Post-MBA career with Convergys.
* Getting my hands on Nokia N-91 phone! Thanks to my brother.
* Buying my own domain name [www.way2top.org]
* Getting an offer for Senior product manager position from a south african internet subsidiary in India @ Gurgaon. The greatest encouragement I received during the job hunt was the brand value of ISB. If one is very career-oriented and focussed, growth is going to be fast…as well as steady!
* Got back in touch with few school-time friends. Thanks to Orkut.
* Visit to Akshardham. Yes, that visit was special to me.

* Falling ill for 10-days due to ChikunGunya.
* Rejection from Microsoft for Program management (It’s a good thing in the hindsight). It’s still in my memory because I placed high stakes for the job and prepared a lot.
* Death of few good people that I know very well.

Wish-list 2007:
* Exploring North India.
* Learning and developing Investment skills.
* Contribute 150+ posts in the blog.
* Learning Product management in depth.
* Participate in a Social venture.
* Exercise regularly.
* Wear a Smile in the face for atleast 25% of time in the year, uniformly spread:) Yeah, uniformly spread both on the face and through out the year!
* Support Indian team throughout the ICC world-cup. No matter how bad they perform….:)
* Nurture compassion and politeness in self.

I wish everyone a fantastic year ahead…..I would like to share a quote that I read recently to take forward to year 2007…

We ignorant of ourselves,
Beg often our own harms, which the wise powers
Deny us for good; so find we profit
By losing our prayers.

– William Shakespeare tells us that we fail to realize that whatever happens is for our benefit.

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