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January 11, 07 by Bharani

I quit Convergys on January 5th. I moved to MIH Web Private Limited, based in Gurgaon. Last week at Convergys was very memorable mainly due to great bunch of colleagues over there.

Gurgaon is much colder than I expected. Though the place seems to be very advanced with skyscrapers and mega malls, the local transportation sucks. There are hardly any public transporation or auto-rickshaws. Even the shared auto-rickshawas are few in number and carries full-load of passengers. The only option is cycle-rickshaws or cab services (which are very expensive). Should buy my own vehicle soon!

Work is exciting and I am eagerly looking forward for next few months. Lots of action happening at the work place as few product launches are planned in the near future.

More updates later….

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