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Go…no wait!

November 22, 06 by Bharani

The human life is so short…but the human brain is capable of conceiving unimaginable levels of dreams and imagery in that short span of time. Few of those dreams transform into ambitions…in other words ‘long-term goals’. It is natural for people to set short-term goals, which will eventually lead them to successful realization of their long-term goals. It is even more natural among B-school grads…

When I wrote an essay to answer the post-mba career goals related question in the ISB application form, I clearly set aside short-term goals and long-term goals. I look at it now and I realize that I am more or less on track, except for few specifics. But, I must admit that I have gone through a lot of plan-changes during the last 1.5 years. The main reason for that is the new information that reaches the brain every new day, testing my rationale and challenging my aspirations.

Of late, I am facing a BIG question. When is the time to take the BIG STEP? and of course freebie questions like: If I have to set up my own venture, are there different ways to achieve the end-goal? If so what are they?

I have absolutely, 100 percent, realized that nothing less than entrepreneurship is going to test the MBA skills. Nothing less than my own-venture will deserve the hard-work that I am willing to put. But, there is a problem. The problem that is prevalent among many Indian youth. Courage to take that first RISKY step. Lack of momentum to go off-tangent.

I have decided that I should keep working on my ideas during my personal off-time. May be I am ambitious…May be it’s just a rush-of-blood. Giving the ideas a definite shape is the only to way to ascertain if it is just a case of “May-be” or really a “Must-be”. And to my satisifaction, I am slowly regaining the lost discipline back. Now that, 3 to 4 of my friends have started their own ventures, I should observe their progress and learn from them. For the time being, I will build up and nurture the entrepreneurial mind-set.

I just have a feeling that the world around me is conspiring towards me. I am going to believe the golden words of Alchemist now.

“When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true”
– Alchemist.

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