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Divine abode of God…

December 11, 06 by Bharani

Last week has been very hectic, but very satisfying week in many aspects. 3 Flight trips in a span of 4 days turned out to be tougher than I expected!

The weekend was well spent. I attended the marriage of Abhinav @ delhi. It was interesting to witness different marriage tradition, staying at groom’s house. The marriage was very well planned out and organized. Food was awesome ;). Met few ISB colleagues and made some new friends. I wish Abhinav a very happy married life…After all he has been waiting for this event for more than 3 years ๐Ÿ˜‰

Something surprising happened that was not in my initial plan. A visit to “Akshardham”. I came to know about this temple when I was at ISB. I wanted to visit this place very badly, as it looked amazingly beautiful in photographs. Since Abhinav’s house was just 2-3 kms from Akshardham, I set aside half-a-day to visit the place. I didn’t have company, but that did not deter me from the trip. The place is just BEAUTIFUL..and DIVINE. Such a wonderful monument constructed just in 5 years is unbelievable. The grand scale and the intricate details is mind-blowing. Each and every structure in this place has the grace of god. A MUST VISIT! Please visit the website for more details.

No Entry fee to this place. But there are certain exhibition halls which are charged @ Rs.125/- for the entry. I would say the charge is justified for the animatronics, professionally-made documentary and a enriching boat-ride. Just make sure that you stay in the place during the day and while the night falls out. The place supposedly looks much more beautiful in the night. I could not stay back till evening. Also, leave all your electronic equipments at home (including mobile phones). They are strictly not allowed. In case you took them with you, the cloak room could be used to safely deposit it.

Akshardham definitely has invoked the lost spirituality in me…and I found peace of mind.

I found it strange that some of my Delhi friends haven’t visited this place yet…Proximity tones down the significance, I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

Akshardham Photogallery

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