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Byemobile.com – A Stolen, copy-paste website

August 30, 10 by Bharani

I am grappling with a strange issue. Some guy from Spain called Javier Castilla has stolen the site design of our website 91mobiles.com and apparently populating the site with clear-cut site-scraping again from our site (without adding any value whatsoever).

It’s been 9 months since we launched 91mobiles and we took the services of a professional freelance designer to design the site from scratch. Anyone who have checked out 91mobiles.com can vouch for that.

Look at the screenshot of byemobile.com. Though he has done a shabby work of copy-pasting, it will be obvious in the first look that the site is a copy-paste of 91mobiles.com.

The domain has been created on 3rd August 2010! Just 23 days old Whoa! Check out the proof yourself. http://whois.domaintools.com/byemobile.com. No denying there!

Obviously I am not happy that a spanish guy is copying from Indian website. I am pissed off with him. I have written a warning mail to him and asked him to change the design. No response yet. There is only one way left now. Filing a DMCA Complaint with google and the web hosting provider. It’s a long procedure. But filing a DMCA complaint will definitely yield results even it happens little late.

Any other suggestions on how to tackle this issue? Is this worth chasing this guy?

Update: He has changed the design now.

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