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Eight Below

August 26, 06 by Bharani

My flatmate purchased the VCD of this movie recently. I read the Synopsis behind the VCD cover and I convinced myself that this is a movie worth watching and moreover it falls into my interest of “Inspirational movies”. The actual movie overwhelmed me more than I anticipated. The movie is based on a true story about a Sledge dog trainer and his eight sledge dogs. The protagonist is a part of the antartic expedition team. Due to unexpected circumstances, he is forced to leave behind his 8 loyal and brilliant dogs to survive on their own in the brutal Antartic weather. His intention is to come back and rescue the dogs as soon as he can. But it takes him 6 months to manage a comeback to Antartica as no transportation is possible during the 6 cold winter months to Antartica. The story is about how the dogs survive on their own withstanding the extreme conditions. The story is about the determination of the trainer to go back to rescue his dogs….Worth watching. Truly inspirational.

IMDB: Eight below

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