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Click ‘n’ Lage Raho…!

September 15, 06 by Bharani

Lage Raho Munnabhai

The two movies that I saw this week were entertaining, humorous, philoshopical and touched my heart! LRM (Lage Raho Munnabhai) gave me the reassurance in being honest, forgiving, helpful and a good human being. The world we live today is misanthropic and may not really appreciate these qualities in people. But in the end, it only matters whether one was a good human being or not!

The most powerful weapon presented in the movie is “Gandhigiri”…composed of Silence, non-violence, benevolence and honestness. For me, the instances of Gandhigiri depicted in the movie are the lime-light-grabbers apart from Circuit and Munnabhai. I had a tough time comprehending the Tapori hindi of Circuit though!

Another side-arsenal shown in the movie is ‘Vinamratha’. (The same characteristic, for the lack of which Mumbai was controversially named the Rudest city in the world!). Vinamratha is a quality which many of us exhibit in abundance within the confines of home, relatives, friends. The same quality goes for a toss when we step out of our home…Am talking about the ‘crowd behaviour’ (as correctly pointed out by an article in Reader’s digest)…It takes a ‘movement’ to change this crowd behaviour…The best place to begin is self…

Leave aside Gandhigiri for a moment…Let’s talk about the Universal remote control – A device to control our life. How nice it would be to fast-forward our lives to skip all the sad moments and to ‘pause’ those happy moments? You can skip the moments when you were sick, frustrated, disappointed, cried, suffered and felt mechanical….Wow! that would make life so exciting! But hold on…do you really think so? Then watch “Click”…The real message from the movie is Love your family…Don’t neglect people who love you…Enjoy each and every moment of your life…

LRM…Kal Ahimsa… Aaj Gandhigiri…
Click…Old message delivered humorously!

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