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August 26, 06 by Bharani

Cars is a very nice animation movie. No wonder it was #1 in U.S. Box office for many days. As with all Disney animation movies, there was a strong storyline in the movie. The movie has action, romance, inspiration, drama and loads of humour. The quality of animations is increasing with every movie…This is Disney’s 7th animation movie and one can easily notice the positive evolution in animation standards over the years. Some of the sequences were amazingly realistic and stunning. Cars is a complete entertainment and it is definitely worth watching…

Some interesting snippets about the movie:

– Cars ranks as the top grossing film of the “Cars Racing” genre
– Michael schumacher has given a voice over in the movie (for the Ferrari car that appears towards the end of the movie)!
– Unlike conventional animated cars, the eyes were placed on the windshield (as against the headlights).

“Cars” on Wikipedia

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