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3 Idiots and Chetan

January 07, 10 by Bharani

3 Idiots was a much awaited movie and it definitely lived up to its expectation with such a wonderful screeplay, message and performances. As soon as I came out of the cinema hall after watching the movie, I asked my wife, “Shall we go for the next show too..?”. I eventually didnt, but that was the impact of the movie on me..The Movie is a definite crowd-puller.

I read the book “Five Point someone” around 2005-06. The book was fun-read. Quite liked it and have read all 4 books written by Chetan bhagat since then. 3 Idiots is based on that book! Everyone who have read the book can connect with some scenes in the movie. The movie also gave credit to the author as per the contract, which goes like this:

It shall be obligatory on the part of producer to accord credit to the Author in the rolling credits of any audio-visual moving image software (of any form in any media or medium) produced by the Producer in terms of the exercise and execution of the Rights granted as under:

Based on the novel
Chetan Bhagat

True to the contract, I guess the movie had the rolling credits for the author. All is well ๐Ÿ™‚ So, going by the success of the movie, Chetan wants to grab the limelight. I dont think he has been cheated. He claims that 75% of the movie is based on FPS. But I found lot of new stuff in the movie which was not there in FPS. Most of the comedy scenes which gave life to the movie was not there in the book. The screenplay was very well adapted for the movie.

I personally think Chetan Bhagat is trying to cry foul here and wants to promote his name alongside the movie and clearly making hay while the sun is shining. His name is now known to a larger audience than before! I wonder even if his name was shown in a much highlighted fashion in the beginning of the movie, he would have got the popularity that he has achieved now!! What’s more annoying is the fact that he made couple of posts in his blog stating that he has been cheated and that he is going to fight for the truth and that he is Arjuna and blah…blah…Within few days, he wants to make truce and says he is going to move on and close the issue once for all…What happened to the holy battle of dharma that he said he will wage over these bollywood folks?? Well, I think he lost quite a few fans with those conflicting behaviours exhibited through his blog posts…Bad show Mr. Chetan Bhagat! I will be fan of your books but I lost that ‘good’ impression I had on you…

BTW, do checkout the following link and the video.

25 Reasons why 3 Iditos is not FPS

While this controversy dies down slowly, the power of social media has proven its might in broadening the stage for discussion and debate with everyone chipping in with their views! Just see the site http://www.thefourthidiot.com/ to see for yourself!

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