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World for someone!

February 12, 06 by Bharani

‘Rang de Basanti’ was a good experience. Going to city, watching movie and subsequent shopping in the evening was relaxing…I was locked within ISB campus for around 2 months!

I am far from being sincere towards placement preparations. Even though I am doing some sort of preparations all day, I feel like I am not doing much! I can feel a huge ‘void’ in my preparation, though I am not sure what it is…I just hope I don’t fall inside that!

Yesterday, I accompanied one of my good friend for shopping. His parents also accompanied us. The reaction of all parents towards our [guys in our age group] shopping patterns is same :) My dad use to say “For this Rs.800, I can buy good quality clothes and stich 3-4 shirts”. Sometimes, even I wonder if I am paying too much for my laziness…if I am blindly paying for the brand…Actually, If I spend some quality time doing “Search comparison”, I can definitely find a good deal..But who has the time for all these? We end up paying more in the name of convenience…

Subsequent to that, we took an auto for reaching a restaurant…We negotiated Rs.20 for the ride. The auto-wala had to travel little extra to reach the destination…So my friend’s dad gave him Rs.5 more and was mentioning me, “We pay without even thinking 800, 1000 rupees for brand in good-looking shops, but we think twice for paying to poor auto-rickshaws…”. I agreed, atleast to this particular case.

We have a tendency to enforce our power only upon people who are less influential/powerful than us..or people whom you take for granted…

PS: I saw the quote somewhere today. I used to have this quote as my signature in office.

“For the world you are someone. But for someone you are the world”!

Very good….isn’t it…If I am able to make the life of atleast one individual in the world better, then I can say I achieved success…

okie…back to placement prep!

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