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What’s in IT?

January 20, 06 by Bharani

IT service companies and product companies are predominantly offering the following roles or flavours of the following role:

Business Analyst
Business Development
Program Manager
Product Manager
Project Manager

Other roles are:

Account Manager
Domain Consultant
Associate Consultant
Technology Consultant
ERP Consultant

Depending on the number of years of relevant experience one has, one can expect to attach the word “Senior” in front of all these roles.

The most popular roles among IT guys are Business Analyst or Business Development.

The Business Analyst is the most commonly offered role in all IT companies. One needs to have relevant sales experience for getting a Business Development role (The client-facing position or rather Client-acquiring position!). Largely, one will be recruited as Business Analysts for appropriate verticals in which one has past experience(Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecom, Retail, Energy & Utilities…etc.,)

I somehow have a feeling that the BA roles are highly diluted in IT services company. Companies have been recruiting from even second-tier and third-tier colleges for these positions! Most of the work will be RFP and PPT preparations. If one has patience and shrewdness to grab visibility for his work, then he can quickly obtain a client-facing role and can grow further. But to begin with everything is offshore.

Somehow, the Program manager roles offered by Microsoft appeals to me. But again, it’s personal preference. I just let my heart to speak without any hindrance from head…and I found a lot of ‘inherent’ interest with that role. But my head says “Maximize your MBA returns..go for more ‘appealing’ roles”. Now, that’s where the dilemma comes…for me atleast.

Don’t get me wrong…I am now-a-days giving lot of preference for work-life balance, location, ‘love’ and ‘passion’ for the work. That’s what is going to ultimately keep me happy…

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