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What’s his GMAT?

January 23, 06 by Bharani

Conversation that I overheard:

X: “Who do you think will make it to the final list of McKinsey from the announced shortlist today?”

Y: “Hmm…X1,X2….”

X: Cuts short…”X2??”, “Man what do you think about X2?..I heard he was some lead before coming here..”

Y: “No..he is good…his fundas are very strong!”

X: “Is it…what’s his GMAT?”

Y: “Wait let me take the excel sheet(!!)…Hmm…he has got 720…”

X: “What’s his undergrad?”

Y: “He has done his engineering from no name college…hmm..his undergrads marks are less than 70%”…

X: “less than 70%….???”

Y: “Yeah…even X3,X4 will make it to the final list…You know what X5 was making only 2.7 lacs before coming here and his GMAT is less than 670! but he is doing good here…”

X: “Ok..can you tell me who else has got 750+”…Supposedly X is proud of his GMAT score…

Y: Checks his excel sheet and tells him the stats…”Hmm..I was earning X lacs per annum, look at this fella, he has 9 years experience and was earning less than me…Hmmm!”

Man, this is the kind of talks happening in the campus…People who were previously not noticed are getting noticed, all because their names are in the shortlist..and everyone wants to suddenly know more about him/her and question their success in ISB…My question is simple…”How does all this matter to you?”…”Plan your game buddy…”!

BTW, today the first short-list from McKinsey was announced. 35 people made it to the final list…Many people are disappointed as they couldn’t make it to the final list…The list has predominantly dean’s list guys and some strong experienced guys…But this was just like what I expected…so no surprises for me!

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