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What I do I want to do…?

December 24, 05 by Bharani

I am hearing all sorts of comments in ISB…of wide variety..because, people in ISB are diverse.. their aspirations are diverse….

I am going to apply to all companies….
I am in sabbatical, I can pick and choose the company instead of competing amidst such madness in the first 2 days of placment….
I don’t know what I want to do in life…
I like Consulting jobs. I wish I had prepared from the beginning….
I think I have made a wrong choice by coming to ISB…
Will I get a job?
When will this trauma end…
I like I-Banking, I like Journalism, I like IT, I like everything….

The pressure to make a right choice, a right decision is high…15 lakhs + one year of lost experience + one year of lost salary + one year of trauma + aspirations of self + need to fetch approval in society + need to make folks proud +….and so many other things are at stake…On top of this, people criticize each other’s choice, question the job prospects, question the choice…so even when some people make a choice, there is high probability for getting influenced and change the decision later. The Preplacement talks hasn’t even started. Once that starts, some more change in choices will happen…

By far, this one year would be the most adventerous year for most ISBians in their life. Highly risky year…That’s why people are pushing themselves hard…to make the most out of the programme. The whole set-up ensures that people always push themselves hard…ISB provides this high-mental-pressure environment, brings in highly competitive student body, brings in highly reputed professors, ensures that infrastructure is highly self-sufficient and takes a back seat. Everything else becomes the responsibility of the student. Students run the show for the entire year by organizing events, bringing speakers, organizing club activities, sharing career informations etc.,

What’s my situation? Well, I am targetting at IT services companies, IT product companies and XPO (BPO and KPO companies) for various roles including Product management, Project management, Business Development, Practice development and Pure-play IT consulting. It’s not a focussed target. In fact, I have intentionally kept it that way. All in all, around 20-25 companies are in my radar, out of which around 8-10 companies are of high priority. As days goes by, the list will become more concise and precise.

There are various factors that comes in to play when choosing jobs. Roles & challenges, Brand name of the company, Location, Fringe benefits, Career growth in the company, Culture within the company, Abroad opportunities, Fit with future plans, Salary, Job satisfaction, size of the company etc.,

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