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VBSE – Value Based Spiritual Education

December 22, 05 by Bharani

N pointed to me a rather interesting ad in wednesday’s newspaper, in “Times Ascent” section. The ad goes like this…

If a student wants to become…
…a doctor he needs…a medical college…
…a teacher he needs…a college of education &
…a lawyer he needs…a law college.

But if a student aspires to become a compassionate doctor, an inspiring teacher & a truthful lawyer…he needs to integrate his education and career with VBSE.

Value Based Spiritual Education (VBSE)

VBSE is all about helping children
– to develop both Head and Heart.
– to achieve successful Career and be a good human being as well.
– to be a scientist as well as Saint.

VBSE teaches us that “Education is for life and Life is for Evolution”.

We are developing VBSE audio-visual content for primary and high school students. Interested candidates may walk-in…blah blah….

Now, this theme is exactly same as our business plan in PAEV course. When we saw this ad, we had two feelings. First, optimistic…that the need that we identified is wide-spread and there are working proofs available…Second, pessimistic…that someone must have stolen our thought…

Came back and searched for VBSE. Got access to the following three documents after couple of searches. VBSE has been operating for quite some time. The following documents will paint a very good picture of their thoroughness. Happy to see people pursue such efforts…


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