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Time Management…

March 10, 05 by Bharani

There is only one thing in the world which when spent cannot be regained. It’s “Time“. The Time becomes even more important when one shells out loads of money towards one’s personal and professional enrichment, like in B-school. Inspite of one’s intellectual capacity, talents, the success in any ventures in life, invariably depends on Time Management and on the Art of prioritizing and being organized. B-school is no exception.

There are certain things that I have foreseen as important to me. Based on that I tried to come up with a typical day’s plan. Instead of dwelving more in to the exact timing and details, I just assigned time to the tasks. My main intention is to figure the number of hours I will get for Case studies, readings, assignments.

Classes 4 hours
Personal care[Eating,Bathing..] 1.5 hours
Sleeping 7 hours
Fitness 1 hour
Emails 1 hour
Blogging 30 minutes

Which leaves me with 8 9 hours for assignments, learnings, discussions, readings, networking, socializing, club activities etc.,

If I am hard-pressed for time, the first thing I would cut back will be on on fitness, then on blog, then on eating [Eat fast!] and then on emails…Hypothetically, I can gain 1 hour from Fitness, 1 hour from blog & emails. If that’s still not enough, I can cut back 1 hour of sleep, then 2 hours of sleep and….

There will certainly be socializing in cafetarias and fitness centers..but I am treating them as added bonus..

The biggest “X” factor in time-consumption will be parties. Hopefully the 4 hours gain from no-classes on Friday/Saturday/Sunday can be used as a compensation!

Let’s see how well I manage my time.

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