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Textbooks – Term 2

June 28, 05 by Bharani

Marketing Decision Making

No books specified. But Philip Koetler’s book “A Framework for Marketing Management” that was used in Term 1 is quite useful here.

Competitive Strategy
Contemporary Strategy Analysis,5th Edition
Robert MGrant, Blackwell Publishers.
Contemporary Management
by Gareth R.Jones and Jennifer M.

Decision Models & Optimisation
Spreadsheet Modeling & Decision Analysis: A Practical Introduction to Management Science, 4th edition,
Cliff T Ragsdale, Cincinnati South Western
College Publishing, 2001

Global Economics:
International Economics: Theory and PolicyPaul R Krugman, Maurice Obstfeld,(6th edition),
Addison Wesley

Andrew Abel and Ben Bernanke (A&B)


We are 50% through in Term 2. Time is flying very fast. Workloads are still under manageable level (not without a price, takes a lot of effort). People are appearing to be bit relaxed than the previous term. Groupism is evolving rapidly. Career-focus is gradually gaining importance in people’s agenda. Academic focus will gradually go down.

Markstrat is highly addictive. You can hear everyone here muttering SIRO, SIBI, SUSI, SULI, SOMA, SALT etc., These are the product names of various firms. The competition is heating up…The results for period 3 will be announced tomorrow. Eagerly waiting the results.

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