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Term2 approaches finish line…

July 10, 05 by Bharani

Term 2 has been very busy, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The courses this term were of relatively more practical relevance than those in Term 1. Global Economics is one subject which I like the most. Except for few relatively poor lectures/sessions, all other sessions in all courses had some key take-aways for all of us.

We are entering into Final week of classes in Term 2. The week after, our end-term exams begin. The weightage for end-terms is quite varied.

Marketing Decision making – 35%
Decision Models and Optimization – 50%
Global Economics – 45%
Competitive Strategy – 40%

Rest of the marks are awarded through Group projects, Case-studies, Homework assignments and Simulation games.

We still have some of the group works, assignments and projects left. Once that is completed, it’s time for individual heroisms again..

I am part of Admissions Task force. This year I believe 80+ students will be part of Task force. We really need big number as the number of applications are expected to grow, and we need as many people from various backgrounds to evaluate applications from corresponding backgrounds. We have our first Admissions meeting on Monday.

My blogging frequency is slowly coming down. But that is quite expected with increasing involvement in MBA program…But I will try to discipline myself…

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