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Term 2 – Break.

July 23, 05 by Bharani

Term 2 break is coming to an end. We spent almost 2 full days in Competitive Strategy project. We did managed to submit the assignment on time. We did a decent job. It was not our best effort. We could have done lot better…but we ran out of energy after strenuous Term 2.

Spent whole of Saturday sleeping, watching movies, Playing cards. Sunday it’s time for studies again!

I met my Aikya family on Thursday evening. Mr. D.V. Manohar, the owner of “The Hotel Manohar” [Sri Shakti Group] hosted us cocktail party in his Presidential Suite. He is a great Entrepreneur. He has diversified into many different business like LPG, Alternate Energy, Family recreation, Hospitality and Education. Inspite of his success, he was very humble and was a great host. Overall, It was a very fruitful and relaxing evening.

For past few days, it is raining continuously in Hyderabad. If I am in my room, I normally sit next to my window and watch the rain…It’s a very pleasant feeling. The following is the view from my room in a bright sunny day. I also have a big balcony…I walk across the balcony in the evenings and nights and enjoy the breeze…I think I am the only one in my quad to utilize the balcony..

I am also uploading the Section-B group photograph taken recently. We had our Section-B day, with everyone wearing the Bright-red Section T-Shirt. The caption of our Section-T shirt is “B transforms Trauma”! It signifies that we are not transformed by trauma, but rather we transform the trauma..

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