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April 28, 05 by Bharani

I had my team-building activity today. It was conducted by a Professional group from Hyderabad. They split around 80 odd people into batches of 9. Each batch was asked to undergo 3 activities. It was a great fun, and helped us to know more about each other. There was an exercise to remember the names of other guys. I managed to remember almost all of them! Cool…

All the team-activities were recorded in Video and shown to us later. The facilitator correlated the happenings to the real-world corporate scenarios. It was a good learning experience.

There are loads of readings assigned for the first class. Around 300 odd pages needs to be read for the first day. I have started reading from today.

Now, I know around 220+ names and faces in ISB. Still 130 more to go!! Well, I will not worry about that, things will iron out automatically…

To be honest, I was really overwhelmed and overly worried about the competition here. By doing that, I am easily losing my focus and purpose here. So, Every now and then, I am taking one step back and looking at the bigger picture and checking my situation. Comparing to some people here, I am lagging in interpersonal skills. I have a perception about inter-personal skills, and I am trying to live up to that. The best thing is the ability to recover fast and ability to learn from mistakes is deeply embedded in me, and definitely that will carry me further when chips are down..I have set some goals in the inter-personal skills front and will work towards that. This is too early to discuss such things, but that’s me…..

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