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Smooth days!

October 27, 05 by Bharani

Cruising through now-a-days!

Two days back, I wrote to my Knowledge management professor about some insights that came to my mind during the class. Normally I don’t do that. But I was so motivated to capture the thoughts that I wrote almost a 2 page essay in flat 15 minutes and sent it across to the professor. Some of the points were really good. Now, the professor has found this interesting and introduced a new grading component in the form of “Reflections -10%”. That’s cool!! Influencing the prof :) I am planning to contribute to all the classes. This way of capturing the thoughts immediately after the class is immensely helpful. Couldn’t do that before due to time pressure…But now..can afford it!!

Negotiation Analysis is one hell of a course. I really enjoy this course. Today we had Union vs Management role-play. Three of us were grouped as “Labour union” and three others were grouped as “Management”. We had to negotiate towards achieving some specific objectives. I normally prefer to reach an agreement which is favourable to both the parties. But today, the opposition group had one person who is notorious for making agressive negotiations. I was so turned off towards the end, that I walked away with my team members from the meeting without reaching any consensus! For once, I was confidently happy for walking away. We also found out that one among the management team was blatantly lying…We have 2 more rounds of discussions to go with the same “Management” team. Will be interesting. My team members were rocking too…(On couple of occasions i thought they went overboard, but the occasions were short-lived). Both of them look like ‘gunda’s :) They fit the role of union leaders perfectly!!!

For the first time in ISB program, I have managed to do pre-readings and post-reading for almost all the classes.

Today something interesting happened. The number of unique visitors to my blog has crossed 40,000! It’s absolutely morale-boosting…I am more and more pressed to take the blog to ‘professional’ level…Am thinking about what theme to follow, so that I can continue blogging for long time to come. I have to find an area in which I am good at too….I will find answer sometime…For now, anything under the sun goes into this ‘virtual world’!

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