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Season gathers momentum…

February 01, 06 by Bharani

Microsoft is coming on Day 1(Feb 18th). That’s a change from the original plan of February 21st (Day 4). So need to make some changes in my plans.

What would be my ideal slotting? I wouldn’t like all my preferred companies to come on the same day. I would like to see that the competition to my dream company is minimum when it comes to campus (Dean’s listers don’t apply!). In order for that to happen, it’s beneficial for me if my dream company comes as late as possible so that all dean’s listers would have been placed. But there is a problem. If my dream company comes as lates as possible, and if I get shortlisted and selected for my lesser preferred companies before that date, then I am in trouble, as there is a cap on number of offers one can accept. Tricky situation…but not impossible to handle! Need some level of maturity to make trade-offs from our side and bit of ’smartness’ :)

Anyone are eligible for applying to IT companies. Even the operations guys and finance guys are in heavy demand for functional consulting jobs. So everyone can theoretically compete for IT companies. That makes the competition for us little ‘larger’!

Constraints facing us:

1. Number of job positions one can apply for.
2. Number of offers one can ‘acknowledge’ at any point of time. (When a company ‘offers’ you a role and you ‘acknowledge’ it, then it is officially recorded by CAS. Company will give a time frame to ‘accept’ the offer. Could be a week or could be a month. Depends on the company. Needless to say, it is beneficial to us if there is more time to ‘accept’. Once you accept/confirm the offer you are out of the placement)
3. Number of offers one can ‘accept’ finally.
4. Number of companies that can visit the campus per day

So, as you can see, this is not the time to ‘experiment’. This is the time to be ‘focussed’. Making an educated choice is important. Making a safe set of choices is also important (Backup offers).

Everyone here understands that ISB-Brand will come with them for the lifetime and that job immediately after the MBA is not be-all and end-all. But everyone wants to get a ‘job’ which will meet their ‘expectations’, so that ‘peace of mind’ will prevail when he/she leave campus :)

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