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Resume workshop

September 20, 05 by Bharani

CAS organized a “Resume Workshop” today. A general gyaan on “Art of writing Business resume” was disseminated.

1. Recruiters expect the resume to have a strong “Managerial” flavour. Managerial functions like Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling should be emphasized. Managerial Roles like Interpersonal relationship, Information Dissemination, Decision making should be highlighted.

2. All the Job activities should be listed.

3. Make the resume Achievement oriented.

4. Collate the Job Descriptions, Competencies, and skills based on the target recruiter and job.

5. Wait for Company to broadcast the Job Role to fine tune your resume appropriately.

6. Address whatever couldn’t be addressed in Resume in the EOI (Expression of Interest). All your key personal skills, academic achievements, other minor professional achievements, your interest for the job can go here.

This is the first of CAS initiatives. The following activities are planned for next 2-3 months

1. Profiling/Career Counselling
2. Resume One-on-One Session
3. Mock Interviews/GD’s/Case Study Analysis by CAS
4. Career Seminars/Mock Interviews by Industry experts
5. Talks/Workshops by Industry Experts.

In December, Pre-placement Talks and presentations will happen. Before that, the wishlist of the students like desired companies, desired roles etc., will be collated and a final list of companies will be drawn. Based on the popularity of the company among the students, the recruitment dates for respective companies will be announced.

The Placement Committee is fully formed. Each Placement committee representative will have 11 students under him. He will serve as a bridge between the sub-group of students and Placement Committee. The Placement Committee will serve as a bridge between Entire student body and CAS.

One of the statements made by CAS officer is still resonating in my mind. “The Peer pressure during those placement days will be tremendous. Your friends who got offers would say ‘All the best’ and you will feel miserable to be still in search of job.” He also said, “The people who don’t get job initially are the ones who get 20 lacs or highest salary figures”. “Each one of you have come here with a dream, a goal. Chase it and you will achieve it. Don’t compare yourself with others.” Some people will be terribly confused after 4-5 interviews that they don’t even remember what they said to whom…This year, for the first time, 10 full days are dedicated for placements. No classes, assignments, exams during those period. It’s the period only for chasing the dream. Most of the people will be placed during that period. Whoever couldn’t secure an offer, will continue wage the battle till graduation. CAS will support them fully.

The Placements in ISB is unlike what we see in Undergraduate or IIMs. Even in IIMs, the interview process would not last for days. But here, the whole process is a long-drawn one. Some interviews span weeks. Recruiters come with a free state of mind, as they don’t have to give offers immediately (as they do in IIMs). The upside is that roles, salary, location are all negotiable.

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