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Promising PPTs ‘rock’ campus!

January 21, 06 by Bharani

A particular Indian Electronics equipment company has promised high-level roles with sky-rocketing salaries in their presentation! Man, can’t imagine getting such high salaries in India!!! Of course, they are in look out for very experienced people with relevant backgrounds…which ISB has supply of!

I was talking to one of the fellow bloggers (I wouldn’t want to name him, but soon the world will take a notice of him highly :) ) and I am pretty sure he will be one of the top-salary earners in ISB this year. He was already talking numbers equivalent to US salary!

I am only talking about Domestic salaries. My quadie G, got an offer with a up-coming Pharma research company through his personal network. The role is pretty high-level (2-3 levels from the top) and salary is very good! He is one hell of a focused and smart guy…He will go places…

Isn’t all these strong evidences that Indian market is HOT?

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