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New day…New records…

February 23, 06 by Bharani

Life is interesting and full of lessons….provided one has the eyes to survey the landscape and ears to keenly listen the surroundings.

I was genuinely interested in the firm that I got offer with. But looks like HR perceives me as someone who is in desparation…and trying to play games. The designation promised and CTC Promised (still it is better than other IT salaries) doesn’t match what is printed on the offer letter that I received…So, the element of trust is broken. Even if he comes back and upgrades the offer, in all probabilities I would not take it up…unless the circumstances has been the culprit…

I am not in desparation. I will go on without a job even for months…until I find the job where I will be happy with. Mostly it will be Technology firm, preferably product firm! I will wait…In no B-school does placement happen in a week or 10-days time…It takes time…Especially for a school like ISB, which boasts huge number of experienced candidates, it does take time to satisfy everyones needs…So, there is no need to take any pressure…It’s better to rather wait than to take a job that you don’t like out of pressure and compulsion…There might be short-term pleasure but definitely there will be long-term regret. I know good number of very nice people who are still waiting for their number to turn, patiently and pleasantly…

Since there were not a single firm that were lined-up interested me, I volunteered for placement session on Thursday. It was my turn to pay back all my colleagues who were patiently volunteering the whole day, bearing the heat and boredom. This also gave me an opportunity to sit with HR of one particular recruiting firm as coordinator. She was very friendly and shared a lot of information. She told why candidates are being rejected? Why candidates are being shortlisted? Which parts of Resume will be keenly looked at? What kind of evaluation will be done in interviews? Why having an attitude is bad? etc., Was quite valuable for me atleast. Next time I walk into the interview panel, I will keep her simple suggestions in mind…I realized that I naturally come across as a credible person, provided I am relaxed…so next time, will try to maintain cool…

One interesting situation….

There were 7 candidates sitting in the hall…including the candidate who just finished his interview. The HR came to the hall and announced looking at the particular candidate, “I am sorry…you are rejected…you may leave!”…The candidate silently left the room with his head down…I felt bit awkward about the situation….

Being a coordinator, I went upto her after sometime and said politely…”You might as well invite the candidate inside your room and announce the decision instead of openly announcing in the middle of the hall…It will hardly take 1-2 mins”…She replied…”I don’t want to go into details…but everyone has to face rejection…otherwise you guys will not grow up…you should have maturity to accept rejection…One should understand that the rejection doesn’t mean anything about his/her qualities. It is just that there is no mutual fit between company, needs and candidate.”…There was a little friendly argument that followed…Since in between the interviews she was free, she was chatting with me…I liked her statement about rejection…even though I knew it internally and disliked her tone!

After some time, she came to the hall for announcing the next decision…This time she called the candidate,”X, can you please come inside for a moment?”…Shortly after that the candidate left the room, for reasons of rejection…Hmm…I respected her view…she respected my view!

Among all the hullabaloo, there was one smart lady…She was meticulously getting an appointment with HRs of all the company and personally getting leads for a job opening matching her requirements, either during the lunch or during HR’s free time…She is even open to HR positions…She did it professionally without creating any turbulences! If the HR was not fine with the request, she would not bother further…Hmm…where there is a will, there is a way :)

Today the highest domestic salary record and highest international salary record was broken…So, the philosophy that…”One who exhibits patience succeeds!” is justified…still.

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