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Microsoft setting up new centre..

November 25, 04 by Bharani

Microsoft is building a huge campus adjacent to Indian School of Business campus. It is planning to hire 100’s in the upcoming 12 months. Microsoft is in my target list, for POST-MBA employement. So this news is a confirmation of my intuition/dream/sense. The close proximity of ISB and Microsoft will help each other.

In last couple of months quite a few big-shots have visited India. IBM Chairman Samuel J.Palmisano, Intel chairman – Craig Barnett and now Steve Balmer,Microsoft. Looks like challenging and creative jobs are coming to India in huge numbers. Management graduates will have ample oppurtunities to harness their studies and potential through these companies. If the current trend continues, then my decision to pursue MBA in India will be justified. Time will answer.

Microsoft to recruit more staff in India

PS: I read this article from Hindu today. In this article, V.K.Menon, Director of Admissions, Indian School of business, talks about the growing number of B-schoolers and how ISB is positioned to serve them and how ISB is established in “experienced peer group” community.

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