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MBA vs Programming – comparison!

December 27, 05 by Bharani

Everyone has access to Java APIs, Microsoft Visual Basic APIs, HTML syntax, SQL Syntax. Now, how well one uses all these frameworks and tools to achieve the end-result determines the quality of the program/software. There are millions of ways to achieve an end result. Ranging from Brute force methods to divinely elegant ways! For example, to write an output “Hello World” on the screen, you can use a simple println statement or loop over the string and print character by character. Or you can simply embed the style elements in HTML or capture the style elements in a CSS and simply plug that file in to the HTML and achieve the benefit of reusability and loosely-coupled architecture! You get the picture…

Years of experience provides an added competitive advantage. Just knowing the frameworks and tools doesn’t make one excellent programmer. His intuition, creativity, logic, dedication, analytical ability, experience, business knowledge, general awareness everything together determines the calibre of the programmer.

The same can be said about an MBA. MBA programme exposes you to all possible frameworks, tools and methodologies to successfuly manage a firm/venture. Ranging from Porters five forces, 4Ps, 5Cs, 6-sigma, 7s to all financial analysis tools. Ranging from Regression to Monte-Carlo simulation. Starting from techniques on change management, knowledge management, corporate risk management, Managing IT, Business performance management, Operations management, Organization management to frameworks on Innovation management, Global operations management, Advanced Portfolio management and IT-service & Project management! Infact – ‘X Management’.

Take for example CAPM. Everyone knows that he/she has to use Risk-free return rate, market risk premium, Beta-asset to calculate the Return on assets. But what value to use for each of these items is left to the judgement of the end-user! You need to have deep understanding of the concerned firm and the industry it belongs to, market trends, alternative investments available, so and so forth…This form of subjectivity is what lends ambiguity and uncertainity to the jobs! Each MBA will come up with his own “Return on investment”. He/she is correct in his own right!

I think after 8 months of ISB, we have been exposed to reasonable amount of tools and frameworks. All we need to do is to just apply the right tool for the right moment with the right attitude and right approach. That will take us home. Can’t use an axe to cut a nail and can’t employ nailcutter to chop a tree! But you can choose between chainsaw and axe to chop a tree depending on the affordability of the client :)

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