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June 24, 05 by Bharani

It’s been a crazy week…’Hectic’ wouldn’t suffice to describe the intensity.

This term is more group-intensive as most of the assignments are group-based. Wednesday was the longest day in ISB for all of us. We had 3 classes, an evening session on Markstrat software and group meetings on single day. Not to forget the readings for the next class.

Yesterday night we had a good team session on Markstrat. We met in one of our group-mates apartment. He is staying in a studio apartment, which is spacier than our Shared apartments. The meeting which started 9:30 p.m, went on till 5:00 a.m!

There was a major power-breakdown today morning in ISB. ISB is managing with few generators. Centralized A/C will be down until the electricity is restored. The class rooms in ISB are not conducive for lectures without A/C[No air circulation, Windows are sealed by glass]. It is extremely difficult to sit in such conditions for 4 hours of lecture. Professors took the pain to get on with lectures. We had more breaks than usual to get fresh oxygen! I am pretty exhausted now…We have to make Markstrat decision by tomorrow morning and a group assignment to submit by tomorrow morning, so will head for another team meeting at 9:30 p.m.

This has been the busiest week in ISB so far..

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