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Library resources…

June 26, 05 by Bharani

The Library in ISB provides vast amount of resources. Numerous books, articles, magazines on all business related topics are available. Few sections are allocated for personality development, interview, career et., It also houses quite a few educational videos, movies etc.,

ISB has provided all of us with access to e-library. This is another wealth of information. ISB has paid subscriptions to sites FT, Economist, EIU, McKinsey Quarterly, Harvard business review, MIT sloan Management review etc., I have gone through only few of them. But once I start reading the articles, it’s highly addictive. I am Planning to slowly diversify my time across general and diverse readings. I also saw couple of videos on “Lessons on Excellence” by late Mr.Sumantra Ghoshal. He is such a wonderful speaker and presenter…I had imagined him as a great academician, but this video has multiplied respect for him. LBS grads (and early batches of ISB) were lucky to hear from him first-hand.

Loads and loads of work are thrown upon us. Despite this ever-increasing workload, somehow we are managing to complete all the assignments. Does this mean that we have improved in handling things? I don’t know.

The results for Markstrat period 2 were announced today. My group is in the exact middle of table in our industry, performance-wise. But we have made some long-term strategic steps, so hoping to see the returns in the forthcoming periods.

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