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Late night or Early morning?

December 30, 05 by Bharani

Slept early (11:30) and woke up early (5:00 a.m.). I have tried this 2-3 times in the past one week. Invariably, the whole day is refreshing whenever I woke up early. The productivity level is high in the morning. Moreover, I get to take my breakfast! There is a refreshing feeling too…

Yesterday, I attended the farewell party of 3 colleagues who are leaving for exchange programmes. I put myself in their shoes for a moment. The very thought of leaving ISB was stirring some emotions! Hmm, I have shifted places quite a few times in the past 6 years. Each time I leave a place, there will be some emotions. But things will be fine in a few days…I think the ‘feelings’ is more to do with the process of ‘unsettling’ your settled life and also due to the bonding developed. ISB is a fairy world…getting accustomed to this lifestyle for long is also not good…! I am consciously trying to avoid this dependance..

Have been receiving comments that webpage is taking years to load. So made some changes. Hope this helps loading faster…

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