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ISB Food expenses.

February 20, 05 by Bharani

Today I received some information in the yahoo groups regarding the Food expenses in ISB..

“..The food charges at ISB are as follows.

You will be charges @ Rs. 55 for breakfast, Rs.86 for lunch and same
amount for dinner plus taxes if you take buffet meals. This implies the
total cost will be 55+86+86= 227/- plus taxes @ 8% = 245 per day. The
total food costs come to Rs. 80,850/- for the full course of your stay
at ISB. This has been the charges for last four batches at ISB…”

Rs. 250/= per day for food is expensive! As long as the quality is maintained, it’s ok. Apparently, this is the cost for previous batches too. One good thing here is the pay-per-meal scheme. So, If I miss a breakfast, I need not pay for the breakfast! [During my undergraduate days, it was a shared expenses, so even if I didn’t had food, I end up paying..Also I end up paying for some heavy-weight eaters!]. In that respect it is better. I have control of the option now. I also heard that there are food outlets nearby, which is good. When I am not busy, I can save some bucks by eating outside ;-)

UPDATE: Some information regarding non-buffet meals.

“..I have already told you the prices of buffet meals. The prices of non buffet ie combo meals is Rs. 20 for breakfast, Rs. 50 for each of lunch and dinner plus 8% taxes. Currently you can take various combinations of buffet and non buffet meals…”

So, that brings down the cost to Rs.120 per day and the cost to Rs.40,000/= per year. This is a relief news..More options, more peace ;-)

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