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ISB Admissions

March 01, 05 by Bharani

Round 2 Admission results for ISB are announced. Some made it, some didn’t. Some of the candidates I bet on didn’t make it too. The competition this year was tougher than previous years, even more so in Round 2. The general opinion is that the profiles of R2 Applications were stronger than Round 1. I will have to wait for knowing the diversity in Round 2 as not many are registered in the yahoo groups.

There has been sharp criticisms about ISB giving enormous importance for GMAT and not evaluating the application as a whole. But I think ISB did a fair job in evaluating the candidates. When the applications are very strong, selection becomes very delicate. One cannot set a objective selection criteria. There has been some casualities in the form of some deserving candidates being left out, but I believe it is far less compared to the many who got in. I hope the selection process will be fine-tuned in future to satisfy as many people as possible.

From this years admissions, I sense that Academics, GMAT and Essays have played a major role more than anything else. Interviews were used only as a means to confirm the integrity of the application. Towards the later part of the admission process, some candidates reported about increasing stress-patterns in the interview. Some were interviewed through telephone and some were interviewed personally. Some had key people in the panel, some had alumni’s and non-key people in the panel. Going by this, I believe Interview was just given a lesser weightage.

In the coming years, ISB might increase the seats (may be 500+??). By then, I hope students from non-traditional backgrounds will have a fair size of quota to compete for.

So, the admission episode of the year 2005-06 is finally over. The spirit and feeling among admitted students is fantastic. The onus is now on us to take the legacy of ISB one step (or multiple steps!) forward. Hope we will be able to do justice to that while upgrading our skillsets personally and professionally…

22 more days to go in Belgium..Sometime back, days were moving very slowly and I was trying to propel myself forward, now the days are flying past in express speed…no matter how hard I press the foot on the brake!

Huh! I managed to blog every single day in February..I will do the same till March 15th..After that my blogging will be sporadic..

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