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December 18, 05 by Bharani

Huh! It’s been 7 days since I blogged…I am breaking my own records here, definitely not for better!!

Last week was busy with assignments and other activities. When people were pouring in to ISB from all parts of the country for Poseidon on Thursday evening, I left to chennai. My train travel was hectic, with 5 hours of delay. Reached home on Friday evening 5 p.m. Most of the tracks are damaged, so trains had to share the ‘good’ tracks. In the train I could not sleep, as I had all senior citizens as companions in my compartment and they were all happily snoring at different pitches and frequencies. At one point, I was able to observe a musical composition made purely through snoring!!! When I reached chennai, it was not raining, But I could see the results of the last 45 days of heavy downpour! The travel to my place had never been hectic before.

I attended my friend’s marriage reception. Met some more friends, including Vasanth. The function went on well. Was a nice evening. The purpose of my trip was achieved. I am happy for Jeeva, for getting married to the girl he has been in touch with for past 2 years …I wish him a very successful married life.

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Since my brother joined me for the weekend, we decided to take my dad to a jewellery shop for buying him a diamond ring for his 56th birthday. I owe my brother a lot, for it was mainly his initiative. Was good to see happiness in my father’s face. This is the costliest gift he has ever received in his birthdays…Moreover, it has been gifted by his youngest son, who after facing lot of hardships in life, is finally in a decent position now…

It was raining throughout saturday and sunday. With the weather forecast team announcing another cyclone, I was wondering If I took too much of a risk by coming down to chennai. One more cyclone and one more day of non-stop rainfall is enough to cut-off my place from the city and I would be stuck! Luckily, I managed to catch my flight on sunday evening. The death of 42 people in chennai city due to stampede was disheartening. How many more lives will be wasted needlessly due to the poor administration?

The domestic airline terminal is now-a-days very busy, with 4-5 different airlines in operation. The waiting lounge was full and I had to stand for good 20 minutes before I could grab a seat! I travelled without ever producing any identity proof. Spicejet counter was put up on a corner. The crew were very friendly. Spicejet possess only boeing 737-800s in its fleet. No small Airbus like Air-Deccan’s. Decent aircraft. Two good-looking air-hostess made the package complete!, though I should say they were very amateur. During the travel, we were given 15 rupees worth of roasted-peanuts pack and 5 rupees worth of a small water bottle. OK for a no-frills! The flight was operating at normal noise level. Overall, Spicejet is much better than Air-Deccan in the no-frills sector.

When the flight reached hyderabad, airhostess mentioned, “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Chennai…”. After momentary perplexion, Passengers started laughing :) . Realizing her mistake, airhostess corrected by saying “Sorry Hyderabad!”

3 days of trip to chennai and quality time with family, amidst hectic ISB schedule is beyond my wildest imaginations. But it happened. Never felt better before…Mood == Happy! Mantra == B+.

PS: Now, my brother and parents know about my blog too…Me drinking beer was a major leg-pulling topic! Convinced my mom by saying that it’s all for socializing..blah..blah! Now, I don’t know what to write and what not to write…my entries will be more monitored from now on…!

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