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November 01, 05 by Bharani

Wishing all a very happy and prosperous Diwali!

We had a mini fireworks celebration in ISB on Diwali Eve. It was fun! The ISB Student Body has organized some fireworks for tonight. Wish Mails are flooding our inboxes!

The B-school competitions across the world are on. ISBians are winning quite a few. The list is only going to grow, as many competitions are lined up for next 2 months. I have summarized some achievements.

ISB Victor.

The highlight being the “Innovation Challenge” , conducted by ThurderBird. This competition is about solving a complex real-world business problem of a real company. The winner will be crowned as “The Most Innovative MBA Team in the World”. Not an easy achievement. Take the stats. 321 Teams from 83 universities in 18 countries participated in this year’s event. 10 Teams have made it to the Final. ISB features 2 teams in the Final 10! Only Indian School to figure in the final list and the only B-school to secure 2 slots in the final list!! Way to go….!!!

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