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Game is on…

February 15, 06 by Bharani

Life is kind on me….atleast it has shortlisted me for 4 of the 12 positions I applied for. My tryst with M$ is still on…Cognizant, Infy, Dell are other companies that I am shortlisted for. Waiting for Virtusa, KPMG, Amazon….TCS, Wipro, and other software companies have announced their job postings recently..so need to take a call on that soon…was dinged by BT and BP.

M$ is coming on 17th! That is, one day before the planned date…Now, all the M$ related books have found its way to my study table…around 5 in total!!!

Was disappointed that two of my M$ focus group members couldn’t penetrate the M$ wall. A and K. A had such a reputation that he will be selected by M$ by default…But as he says, his relatively low experience might have played against him and K. I only wish they both keep their hunt going on…and not let this deter them from their pursuit…

Among all the Business Development roles & Sales-and-marketing roles, I spotted a strange looking offer. It read as “Senior Java Architect”…Yeah, you got it right…Java architect recruitment in B-school? Hmm..ISB is also building up a parallel reputation of Technology school :)

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