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June 23, 05 by Bharani

Faculty has two meanings according to dictionary:

1.The body of teachers and administrators at a school
2.One of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind

Rarely do we see the second attribute in a faculty, who by default satisfy the first definition..

During my undergraduate days, only one or two professors per term were good and others were not such a great pedagogies. Either they couldn’t arouse interest in the minds of students or they lacked authority in the subject knowledge. Nevertheless, I was learning something along, mostly compensated by the self study…

The situation in ISB is drastically different. Each professor here is a veteran in their respective subjects. The subjects they teach and their way of teaching are their forte! And a few among these professors are able to generate amazing level of interest among students (It’s not easy to arouse uniform interest across pretty diverse student body)

They have worked hard, thought hard and practised hard to convey a concept in a most succinct and crystal clear way as possible. All most all of these professors have good sense of humor too..We are getting best possible faculty on each subject area..

To give an analogy, it’s like a dream product with collection of superior features of all the products available in the market. How will it be if you get a product with Sony’s quality, Apple’s ingenuity, Ferrari’s performance, etc., (you can fill your own analogy)? We are getting a similar product (Education) here in ISB with best possible faculty for each subject(attribute).

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