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Everybody loves a good drought…

October 22, 05 by Bharani

One of the assignments for the upcoming week is to read a book called “Everybody loves a good drought” by P.Sainath and present the take-aways to the class. Since the book is not available in the library and the ISB bookstore, had to go out to purchase the book. Went to Himalayan book store in Punjagutta after confirming with them that the book is available with them. As I was purchasing the book, the book “God of small things” caught my attention. I have been planning to read this book for a long long time. So bought that too..(You see..I am an impulse buyer!).

I went with 3 other friends in bike. It’s 3rd time I am travelling in bike in nights after coming to ISB. There is a particular strip before Punjagutta where the roads are very smooth and the landscape goes up and down. My friend M and R were pretty excited by the sight of that and pushed the engine to it’s full limit! Wonderful ride…at the end of 2 minutes, eyes were full of moist…I guess they touched near 100 kmph.

Had food at Pizza corner…Fresh and hot pizza after a longg time…I was totally relaxed today evening…Some things were bothering me for quite some time…The evening cleared many of my confusions. Probably those confusions where what stopping me from achieving my full productivity. Let’s see what changes I see to myself…Atleast I can expect a sleep with a clear mind:)

There was a special “Dandiya Night” organized in ISB jointly by Spouses and Family Association and Students. Since I came back only at 11 p.m. watched some energetic dance performances from the sidelines. Ethnical wear, Top beats, Dandiya sticks, lights, huge atrium everything made a wonderful sight…Thought I will dance, then decided not to..needs some practice…I am expecting Ramkumar/Raghini to blog in detail about the event with photographs…so watch out their space…Over and out now…

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