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Diary 6th August 2005

August 06, 05 by Bharani

ISB is getting busier and gathering momentum as days progress. We have zillions of Speaker events and other activities in front of us. We are also in the process of deciding which electives to pursue, a job which needs much diligence. I am spreading my effort throughout next week to finalize my preference on subjects.

Today, I have Business presentation skills workshop. It begins at 9 and ends at 5 p.m. Two study groups will be combined together for this session. A total of 4 extempore talks needs to be presented per person. The talk will be video recorded and shown back to us. Everyone should dress in business suits! After talking with some of my colleagues, the activity seems to be tedious and painful. But I will try to make use of this as much as possible. The workshop continues tomorrow too..

ISBians are becoming seasoned in managing assignments, readings and taking exams. Finally, the focus seems to have shifted to things other than academics. For good definitely!

Since, the application process for ISB has started, I will try to provide some tips and resources on application process [GMAT, ESSAYS, INTERVIEW, RECOMMENDATION LETTER ETC.,]. Am not providing any promises though!

I already mentioned about “Vijay’s blog”. Now I would like to turn attention to two other blogs, which will be useful for ISB applicants [Some of you might have already gone through these blogs].

Ramkumar. R – My story ISB and beyond!
Code Cutter by Chandrashekar

Ramkumar updates his blog regularly and writes details of day-to-day life in ISB. Chandrashekar has taken a new avatar and his new blog is simply awesome. He doesn’t post regularly, but whatever he posts is nice. Just have a look at some of his photographs…

If readers feel they need any other information regarding ISB, kindly let me know by leaving a comment. All the bloggers here in ISB are more than willing to satisfy the needs.

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