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Diary 3rd August 2005

August 03, 05 by Bharani

It’s been 4 days since I blogged! I don’t think I have missed blogging for 4 days from the time I started blogging…Anyway, there’s always a first time for everything. Also noticed from the right bar that number of postings last month was just 13! Hmm….

The subjects and professors in Term 3 are very good. Operations Management and Entrepreneurship are the subjects that I like very much. Regarding Leadership Development Programme, I have mixed feelings. I like the articles that were given for reading. I like the professor in some ways. For one, he is a very good speaker. He is well read and he frequently quotes from various books and philosophies. But sometimes, he is intimidating in class. I like his jazzy phrases and sentence formations…But as far as ‘leadership’ is concerned, I am not comfortable reading the concepts in paper. Practical training like “Business presentation skills workshop”, scheduled for my group this weekend, will be more relevant.

I have started sleeping more. Whenever I get time, I am considering sleep as important option too…Let’s see how long I continue this…Well, by sleeping more, I mean 7-8 hours on average!

I am posting the links for “Companion website” of textbooks prescribed for this term…

Managerial Accounting
Corporate Finance
Managing Business Process flow

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