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Diary 29th April 2005

April 29, 05 by Bharani

I had my Group Dynamics Session today. Two study groups were asked to discuss together on a topic given. The entire discussion was video recorded and reviewed back. The analysis and observations from the video were helpful to an extent. We need to have more of such sessions to really see some benefits.

I collected my trial lens today. It fits perfectly and vision is very crisp. I have a cylindrical error in vision. So I have to wear torric(?) lens. Now, I am happy with the lens. Will have to wear full day tomorrow and try it out.

Series of presentations happened today. “How to survive academic pressure?”,”How to ace I-Banking interviews?”, “Sports club and music club”, “Placement committee reports” etc., were presented. One of the presentations was presented by Siddarth Sinha, he is supposed to join as COO of some firm (Apollo hospitals? I am not sure). His gyaan and presentation style was impressive. To my knowledge, he was the only person who received a standing ovation and long-lasting applause among all other presenters. Amazing composure..

Tonight, we the class of 2006 are throwing a big party to the class of 2005. The alums have taken lot of efforts in preparing presentations and providing clarifications on all aspects of ISB. They were of very valuable help. In recognition of their commendable efforts and appreciation of their tremendous help, we are providing them unlimited supplies of you-know-what today..As usual danced exactly for 1 hour and came back. Have classes tomorrow morning.

I have to catch up quite a few pending work tommorrow. Definitely, reading the class materials is the number one priority tommorrow.

The place is rocking with disco beats as I am writing this, right next to my room! Boom..boom..boom…hope this puts me to sleep.

Forgot to call home yesterday and didn’t call today :-( Definitely the first job tommorrow is to call home..

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