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Diary 28th July 2005

July 28, 05 by Bharani

With utter carelessness towards personal health, a form of sickness was inevitable. I was not feeling well for past 4 days. I thought I will get over it somehow. But somehow it happened that I ignored my body, ignored my sleep. Now I have severe mouth ulcers, bodyache and tiredness. I slept from 2:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon till 8:00 a.m. today, with just a break for dinner. Still I am not feeling the general well-being. This weekend will be relatively free compared to next 2 weekends. So will take ample rest while managing the workload and other commitments. I see that the lack of relaxing days in Term-2 break is the reason for this form of ‘tiredness’. Also, when I look back at my own posts, most of the postings have been made in the early mornings [3-6 a.m.]. Gosh! I have realized many times that my quality of sleep is not good, so I have to compensate it with quantity.

I will consciously try to sleep early for next one week. No matter how much I study, there is always something waiting to be read[academic & non-academic]…So, will try the ‘lean’ approach [Skim-listen] for sometime. Have 9 more months ahead of me in ISB, so I better take some ‘rest’ now. Also, it’s high time that I visit my parents. I think I am a bit home-sick too! Term 3 break, I am definitely going chennai…

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