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Diary 28th December 2005

December 28, 05 by Bharani

100 days left for Graduation. It’s a strange feeling to see the days remaining coming down from three digits to two digits!

Term 6 is coming to an end. We have exams and assignments for the next one week.

Quite a few people are leaving for exchange programmes across the world (mainly US). Some of them will return for the placements and some of them won’t. I wish them loads of success with their endeavours. It’s tough to see few of them leaving.

Had a rather delicate situation yesterday in BPMT class. I wandered my thoughts away from the class. At that opportune time, Prof was asking a general probing question looking at me. I should have said, “Sorry, didn’t listen. Can you repeat the question?”. Instead said some nonsense! Didn’t feel good for sometime to follow…

Have chosen the subjects for Term 7. I have kept the workload low, to enable me prepare well for placements.

Information Technology and Business Strategies
Business Intelligence using Data mining

By Term 7, I would have completed 5 marketing and 5 IT. Will complete my major [Marketing and IT] in Term 8.

Upcoming week is busy with 3 write-ups and 2 examinations.

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