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Diary 21st October 2005.

October 21, 05 by Bharani

I was able to use my nametag in the class atlast! I managed to get the courses for this term (with lots of compromises) in the second round of bidding. I did quite some research and analysis by going through class lists, points associated with sections and courses, how to maximize the chances of getting into undersubscribed courses/sections etc., Finally identified a pattern and I hope to use that in upcoming bidding sessions.

What are the subjects that I took finally? Rural marketing, Managing IT, Knowledge management and Negotiation Analysis.

Interview workshops, Resume workshops, guest speakers are on rise in ISB. Career mode has set in!

Loads of B-school competitions like case-studies, simulation games, Business plans etc., are on the horizon. Signed up for some and thinking about few…

Three games which I play quite regularly in ISB are Volleyball, Badminton and Squash. The volleyball court has a special place in my heart. It’s just next to my room and I have a very good view of the court. We have few volley enthusiasts who frequent the court on a daily basis. It’s always fun playing volleyball. Recently we requested to provide flood lights for the volleyball court. SAROVAR TEAM, true to their service quality has installed two flashlights. They have also neatly trimmed down the trees to avoid any shadows. Hopefully we will have our first day-night session of volleyball today :) Regarding Squash, I play decent and have been playing for past 1 year…Badminton is the surprise package. I have made huge improvements…I love the ’smashing’ feeling and the opportunity to exhibit my reflexes! Swimming and Billiards are the sports/activities that I have to learn before I leave ISB…

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