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June 20, 05 by Bharani

The day started off with a meeting with Savita Mahajan, Sunita Chatta and Joseph Hopper. It was a meeting arranged to interact with the study group [group basis]. All sorts of complaints and feedbacks were provided. Overall, it was a good session.

Since the meeting went 30 minutes into extra time, I had rush back to my room to complete my remaining readings for the day’s class. Attended the classes in the afternoon. Then headed back to Atrium for a meeting with B-Section Editors, as we are planning to release our intra-section magazine on Tuesday. Managed to complete the final edition of Magazine..Thanks to the editorial group…

After completing the task, I decided to continue with my Case-write up on BARCO which was due on Tuesday morning..When I opened the laptop, it didn’t respond. After wasting my efforts in wrestling with my laptop, I took it to the hands of IT support. They said, Windows XP needs to be reinstalled. It was not a good news…I had my 80% work on case-writeup in the Laptop. Starting from scratch would be too much…So, after 3 hours of effort Windows was functioning properly..but officeXP was not working. This means that I will have trouble opening Outlook, Word…[Can’t imagine how much Outlook, Excel, Word have integrated into our lives]..I needed Word for formatting. Now, it was almost 2:00 a.m and library was closed too..Many of my flatmates in SV2 have slept..So headed to SV2 living room, which hosted a old PC but functioning one. Utilized it and somehow managed to complete the case write-up and dropped the assignment in drop-box…

Regarding outlook, I remembered that IT department provided us with webaccess..So currently reading mails through webaccess..There are unusually high number of mails to respond to…Not feeling like responding now..Will take it up tomorrow.

According to IT guys, My laptop needs to reformatted to fix the problems..taking backup now…Attention guys…BACKUP your work, you never know when your laptop will abandon you!

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