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Careers – Microsoft

March 12, 05 by Bharani

I am planning to blog the career related research, for IT+MBA. I will update this as a series under the tag “Careers” .

To start with I am presenting the link for career possibilities in Microsoft-India.. Microsoft India provides five major Business paths to choose from. They are India Development center, Sales & Marketing Service Group, Global Delivery Center India, Global Technical Support center and Microsoft Research India. You can read about each business path by clicking the links.

The possible careers under each business paths can be explored here. Most prominent among the jobs are Program Manager. Other positions are like Strategic Security Advisor, Senior Engagement Manager, IT Evangelist etc.,


Sample career descriptions…

“..To be the go-to security advisor to customers in an assigned territory or location. High-level consultation on security-related issues and provision of long-term strategic guidance to C-level players in the Enterprise segment of the customer base. To act as THE voice of the customer in all strategic level security decisions from MS. To be the go-to person for technical, business, and competitive information around MS security strategy, products, and offerings and, specifically, to be able to compare and contrast MS security technology and programs and competing technology and programs…”

“..The position is a high-visibility position that will require you to constantly interact with business and technical leaders, including executives, in Microsoft’s platforms team to ensure SFU product strategy aligns with the overall strategy for the platforms groups, and Microsoft’s Unix Migration strategy overall…”

But the Management jobs available in Microsoft looks like more technical and less managerial except for very few jobs in Marketing side. The MBA skills that is earned in b-school may not come in to play in the long run..If you want to be in touch with technical side of IT, this might be a good choice. Pay packets are impressive as I hear it, but no exact information available because of confidentiality maintained among Microsoft employees. Getting into Microsoft is tougher, as one has to exhibit excellent analytical and problem solving skills, which would be gauged by puzzle solving, case cracking etc.,

How Would You Move Mount Fuji?” is a book highly recommended for Microsoft Interviews.

More later…

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